Thursday, 25 August 2011

_HowTo Protect your Windows from viruses without an Antivirus that spreads from Removable Devices


There are many different ways to classify viruses, and each of these methods comes with its own set of colorfully-named categories. Worms, macroviruses, trojans and backdoors are some of the more well-known examples. Many of these viruses spread over the Internet, using email, malicious webpages or other means to infect unprotected computers. Others spread through removable media, particularly devices like USB memory sticks and external hard drives that allow users to write information as well as reading it. Viruses can destroy, damage or infect the information in your computer, including data on external drives. They can also take control of your computer and use it to attack other computers. Fortunately there are many anti-virus tools that you can use to protect yourself and those with whom you exchange digital information. Preventing virus infection * Be extremely cautious when opening email attachments. It is best to avoid opening any attachment received from an unknown source. If you need to do so, you s

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