Tuesday, 9 August 2011

xp antivirus 2008 desktop Screensaver fix


this is how to put back desktop/screensaver setting in display properties after getting rid of xp antivirus 08 files ~Regedit info when in regedit,look for the folder Hkey_current_user and click the little arrow on the left of it to show alist of other folders,then look for software and click arrow,then look for microsoft,then windows,then currentversion,then policies,then a folder with no list of folder called system,and on right side click on the middle/last file and rightclick,modify,and change the number 1 to zero (If Regedit doesnt work goto wiki.answers.com to enable it and if your task manager is disabled goto windowsxp.mvps.org If you want to create another video that might be easier to make I say go for it. UpdateGet the free malware program called MBAM web: www.malwarebytes.org download: www.malwarebytes.org

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